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Workhouse Festival, PO Box 183, OSWESTRY SY10 1AB


Strap the Button, Eclectic Promotions
& Seriously Ambitious Youth present
a truly stunning programme of new andexciting music

Experimental, psychedelic, refugees from a music therapy

Awkward, violent and unpredictable noise
punctuated with moments of calm

A relatively new band in Nottingham, both literally, and sonically.
The sounds they make are totally wild, free and improvised

Powerful, charismatic space exploration at its best

Rhythmic and dark experimental tribal rock

Some people who play some music that has some melodies and use some
rhytms that please some other people

Turntabalism, Trip Hop and Drum 'n' bass at it's best

We are a hip hop jam band who just jam with a bass, decks and drums, need we say more
Also in the Courtyard...feast upon the aural delights of:

No disgrace, Rebellious Crayons, Vendetta, Jameson, Last chance for day, The
Hostages, The Appraisals, Absinthe, Fatal Ambition, Alphabeat, The J.B. Quintet, The Eaves, Inzaghi, The Kevs,
Wolne Europa, MC YNS, Mario Hemi and more

The management reserve the right to change the advertised performances
in the event of illness or any cause beyond the control of the
management.  Please check with the venue to avoid disappointment