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Workhouse Festival, PO Box 183, OSWESTRY SY10 1AB


Hosting a true mish-mash of proper
bouncy up and down type madness…

A mighty collision of electro and rock, so strap on your strap on and hold tight for the power, nay the majesty, nay the sheer exuberance of the one, the only, Bomb Culture

The Hot Puppies are as fantastic as waking up in a sea of Oreo cookies with no option but to eat your way to safety" NME
Gran Torino

Here to spread the gospel of Funk, Acid Jazz, Soul and the tightest, most driving grooves.


Horace X
High Energy Reggae-Dance Fusion; a swirling twisting soundscape where wild Celtic, Gypsy and Asian tunes, reed splitting jazz horns, raggae chants, devastating bass, drums, and irresistible dance beats collide in a manic mix of organic and digital.

Glastonbury rockers and chart toppers… these boys mean business. The Freestylers have captured an area of sound that incorporates many progressive styles of music and fuses them harmoniously into one f*****g massive noise




This is tradition standing on its head doing cartwheels and pole vaulting over every barrier in sight.

Smoke like a Fish deliver a turbo charged SKA attack behind brass splattered riffs, catchy choruses and social comment



3 Daft Monkeys
There’s no stopping these monkeys at the moment, after delighting audiences at major venues right across Europe with their energetic live performances as support act for the Levellers. Combining rousing vocals, frenetic fiddling, rhythmical 12-string guitar, bass and drum.

Dig deeper, because there's something darker that lies beneath; meanings coiled into enigmas; cliff hangers that erupt with Dionysian abandon.



Shrewsbury based neo-rockers … on a mission to conquer the world and twist peoples' heads.

The Fabulous Swinging Chandeliers
These five near Olympian musicians blast out non stop, hard-hitting Jump Swing and Jive. With honking sax, Peddle Steel, Slapping Bass, dirty Grestch guitar and a drummer with sticks like tree trunks. Topped with goose pimpling 3 part vocal harmony. Catch them if you can.


Jaipur Kawa Brass Band

Performing with an amazing energy and humour both on stage and in a moving parade, the ten musicians in this unique musical feast represent the soul of contemporary India.

Blues State UK

Seasoned band Blues State UK – a slick and skilled group of musicians who can both bash out a tune and work up a crowd, no doubt enough to raise the roof with an astounding set.



A rare find in an era where retro is the norm, a transcendental soapbox dance rant! Forget work the next morning – you will not be fit. ‘Phone in sick – Sicknote will take full responsibility.

The Herbert Spliffington Allstars

The Spliffingtons have a strong Jamaican root heritage which is very apparent in their music. An original mix of modern jazz, reggae, ska and calypso. True Jamaican spice courtesy of special guest Satch Dixon.



Fluffy Kittens

Well what can you say… A medley of rock allstars including Paul Fox (Ruts), Neal Butler and Craig Peece. Described by some as “Sawn-off rock and roll”, and others as “Punky Doctor Feelgood”.

A high energy combination of punk and ska guaranteed to get your feet moving. Make way for this exciting Welsh band….



Big Bunda

The Biggest Bundas around basically… They have their own unique, cover free, sound; blending funky dancing grooves with a soulful, atmospheric & dark twist.


Their music is based upon raw emotion fusing organic with electronic plus an underlying quirky element. Which is another way of saying ‘off the wall’….. enjoy.



A frantic live stage show & super catchy songs, fluently swerving between blazing Ska/punk & peppy 2 tone to surging 3rd wave Ska & sassy swing core.

A melodic rock band from Sweden 'A band that keeps it simple enough to blow you away with great songs!


These guys know how to rock, plain and simple and I can safely say I was blown away

Zion Train

Zion Train are true pioneers of UK Dub Music, involved in Alternative and DIY Culture and purveyors of fine Roots Reggae

The management reserve the right to change the advertised performances
in the event of illness or any cause beyond the control of the
management.  Please check with the venue to avoid disappointment