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Hosting a true mish-mash of proper
bouncy up and down type madness…

This awe-inspiring live show experience, stretching the limits of dance music to the extremes, is something to behold.
This show will transport you to the Heart of the Forest where music and magic, song and dance, merge and the boundaries between performer and audience, and between cultures dissolve.

This is a band like no other you have ever encountered. Four nutcases laying down the most insane concoction of electro and breakbeat with frenetic punk rock energy.
  The Anomalies
This fun-loving foursome deliver danceable beats and uninhibited rhymes depicting a contemporary look at life as mates living it large in suburbia. With bohemian instinct, indie attitude and animated sounds harking back to the days of old school, They bring an intoxicating charisma to the music scene
Deluka have a strong and unique sound, which is an amalgamation of sleazy guitar riffs, throbbing bass, heavy beats and razor-sharp synths topped by amazingly powerful yet blissful vocals  
Los Albertos create a frenzy upon the dance floors and grassy fields of Europe with their inimitable foot-stompin’ and blazin-brass high energy blend of ska, punk, funk, dub, original beats, and twisted English humour. It’s dance music, Jim, but not as we know it...

A fantastically ugly racket influenced by The Fall, Captain Beefheart and LCD Soundsystem, yet with a large dose of originality thrown in, Sicknote's funked-up epic electro punk guarantees to blow the roof off...
The band are a sight and sound to behold, a whirlwind of gypsy folk mayhem. They fuse Balkan sounds with ska, jazz, kletzmer and Mariachi, all delivered with their own twist and unique brand of buffonery.

A great party band to get your dancing shoes on to or sing along with air guitars an option!
A 4 piece indie/electro rock outfit with childlike stage energy and a unique and compelling ska tinge to their dance noise

This turbo charged 6 piece dance/rock hybrid have ripped up clubs and festivals across Europe and the States with their distinctive psychedelic soul and infectious grooves
Kid Harpoon is not only one the most interesting singer/songwriters in the country, but also a totally hopeless romantic!
Inner City Unit
A devolving five piece whose music is so far over the edge that it almost defies comprehension. Had the Bonzo Dog Band spent the `70s attending muddy rock festivals this might have been the outcome.
Peculiar, spiky, danceable pop music evoking Henry Mancini, Talking Heads and The Kinks, vigorously played on dirty guitars and battered synths by 6 men with identical hair. Live performances may include dancing

Welsh homegrown reggae band and sound system designed to move your dancing feet and rock your soul with a message of one love and unity.
Romanian gypsy melodies, punk frenzy, salty tangos, hard-rocking klezmer, haunting Balkan harmony, hip-hop beats and Appalachian fiddle, all eaten and spit out by two violins, resophonic guitar, bullhorn harmonica and bass.

On a stage. In the street. In a field. Wherever you like, Orkestra del Sol’s brand of riotous carnival brass music, combined with slapstick antics and crowd participation leaves a memorable impression.
Hailing from the sleepy town of Llanidloes, The Kryptics have been electrifying audiences with their energetic indie rock, which generates a buzz of fun and happiness wherever they go.
Mabon is a fast-rising, contemporary Celtic band with a growing reputation for stealing the show wherever they play. This intense live music experience will leave you exhausted yet crying out for more.

Traditional tunes served in an energetic soup of Ska Punk Dub & Dance music. With contemporary lyrical content & imaginative arrangements this produces a unique mix of infectious dance rhythms & memorable tunes, real music that is fun & uplifting!

Yorkshire 9 piece Catch-it Kebabs have been entrancing audiences with a frantic live stage show & super catchy songs, fluently swerving between blazing Ska/punk & peppy 2 tone to surging 3rd wave Ska & sassy swing core.
This storming ska band have been played regularly on Radio 1's Lock Up! With influences ranging from The Specials to The Clash, their catchy keyboards combined with shout-along choruses and a hint of street punk is guaranteed to get you on your feet!

Born to party the mighty Tootinskamoon,a high energy four piece from the darkest west Wales.
Following The Horrors and These New Puritans from the Essex scene there's a more straight ahead punk energy here.With their shouty cheeky chappie vocals, Gang of Four bass lines and sarcy Art Brut swagger, this lot should have come through with the angular art poppers.

Gone Beggin’ have created their own blend of world music- mixing Celtic melodies with African and Eastern European rhythms whilst keeping both feet firmly rooted in the north of England.
With an explosive live sound and a set list of songs with timeless melodies, it is surely only a matter of time before this band becomes a household name.

This is just a selection of main stage acts
on offer...more acts to be revealed on the day

The management reserve the right to change the advertised performances
in the event of illness or any cause beyond the control of the
management.  Please check with the venue to avoid disappointment