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A great venue, have a drink and
take a listen!

A 9 piece all singing band specialising in spreading glitzy joy & laughter through their unique entertaining gypsy-jazz-pop-cabaret-skiffle-swing performances. All Glitzy BagHags are virtuso kazoo players and trained in the martial art of trouser warming ferrets.
Local teenage sensations with their infectious brand of energetic Ska Pop Punk, destined for big things!  

Welsh homegrown reggae band and sound system designed to move your dancing feet and rock your soul with a message of one love and unity.
Yorkshire 9 piece Catch-it Kebabs have been entrancing audiences with a frantic live stage show & super catchy songs, fluently swerving between blazing Ska/punk & peppy 2 tone to surging 3rd wave Ska & sassy swing core.

This storming ska band have been played regularly on Radio 1's Lock Up! With influences ranging from The Specials to The Clash, their catchy keyboards combined with shout-along choruses and a hint of street punk is guaranteed to get you on your feet!
Drunken boys on heat with a mission to spread their own peculiar brand of dirty, filthy folkery pokery to the world. The eclectic brand of upbeat magic and madness will have you jumping from table to table and flailing the dance floor wildly

Sophisticated songs rendered with simple instrumentation and complex arrangements...They adopt and adapt genre styles as easily and as naturally as a nomad
4 lads and some friends from Bishops Castle play an odd blend of ska, reggae and Jazz with some cheeky catchy colourful riffs

Lost the sparkle from your stars? Lost the dream from your day? Cakehole Presley are coming your way
World influenced acoustic music, with a hint of the bizarre. Whether it's Celtic, Balkan, Gypsy, Spanish, Cornish or other World Music you are drawn to, you will hear it's's quirky, it's groovy, it's fun.

This award winning rock outfit are one of the brightest new prospects in the unsigned British Rock scene! A melody driven rock band set to make an overwhelming impression both on the music industry and audiences alike
Guitar driven funk-rock. Meaning its damn easy to dance to, and if you don't like dancing or physically cant, then you can just tap your feet along!

Three hapless lads from York, not concerned with being anything other than the best rompin' stompin' rhythm and blues band the world has ever seen!
The self-proclaimed 'Original Skunkrockers', are one act not to be missed combining an incendiary mix of politics, ska and rock, the Cracked Actors are one of the best live bands to have emerged from Birmingham in the last ten years.

Take a slice of The Lemonheads and a dash of The Clash and you're getting close to the Cream Tangerine sound.... turn up the volume & decide for yourself!
The sweetest funked-up breaks, jazzy drum'n'bass and soulful downtempo that you're going to hear in a long time...

The Dead Moon Society began just over a year and half ago. Their influences are hugely varied, as is their style of music. Two guys, two girls youve just got to move!!
Shropshire's most vibrant and unique five-piece band, inspired by the base sounds of Indie Rock and the guitar riffs of classic rock, the Dirty Fivers have developed a sound full of melodic diversity, catchy guitar riffs and foot-tapping beats.

Floor shaking, ground breaking Dr Meaker bring together Bristols finest musicians, into a rip-roaring, soulful, live drum and bass assault on the senses.
Blending beats and dub with live brass and vocals. Imagine you are at a festival and need a bit of a lift....sonically and visually and...yeah,that'll do!

Gundogs create a style of music thats propulsive, violent, enticingly melodic and floor fillingly catchy! They also have girls with guitars...
  Shameless Faith
Fresh-faced five-piece indie rockers with a distinctive, catchy, melodic sound. You're sure to be humming some of their tunes for days to come.

These London-based four-piece post-punk art rockers are set to tear a new arse in the indie pop scene with their infectious blend of Blondie cool, Sex Pistols urgency and Yeah Yeah Yeahs cred.
Aberystwyth's finest eclectic underground dance act, The Mighty FUOD are a nine piece band that mix up funk, ska, drum + bass and more into an original, live, smash it up set.

Upbeat and uplifting - The Strand are a new and exciting live experience with their blend of pop, punk and rock elements.
Difficult to categorise, but impossible to resist, Whiskycats' blend of funk, disco, skiffle, jazz, house and Latino grooves is enough to make any audience dance, sing and smile.

Listen to Plinth, you won't be dissapointed." Steve Lamacq ( Radio 1 )

The management reserve the right to change the advertised performances
in the event of illness or any cause beyond the control of the
management.  Please check with the venue to avoid disappointment